Facilities Maintenance Plans

Custom Facilities Maintenance Plans

A comprehensive facilities maintenance plan starts with custom planning. 

Each facility is different and its needs will vary based on the type of business, amount of building occupants and/or visitors, and the actual facility components. For example, the facilities maintenance needs of an office building with hundreds of employees coming and going each day, utilizing a parking garage, an in-house cafeteria, conference areas and restrooms will differ greatly from the plan needed for an apartment complex.

Once your list of services has been complete, managing them in a cost-effective manner is the next important step. While each of these jobs can be outsourced individually through independent contractors, it can become an overwhelming task to keep track of who’s doing what and when and how much all of this labor and materials will cost. A faster, more cost-effective option would be to trust in a single company that provides complete and custom facilities maintenance services that can tackle all these diverse components. By contracting with just one company, you save time and money.  PRO Renovation and Design should be that one company!

With PRD, Maintenance tasks can be completed in a stress-free manner, from the initial consult with one of our service advisors, to the service call itself and any follow-up appointments that are necessary, PRD is on top of the job and will handle the job in a professional manner. 

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